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Janet Berens, DVM, ABVP
Matthew Ehrenberg, DVM, ABVP


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  • Paul Davidson
    Veterinary assistant

    Paul has worked here for over 2 years. He enjoys working with the all the pets, clients and staff. He is very good at handling birds and pocket pets. Paul lives with his wife Mumtaz and 3 kids Roxanne, Sophia and Sean. He also has 2 cats that rule the house. In his time away from work he like spend time with his family, do some garden or go fishing

  • Dr.
    Janet Berens

    Dr.Janet Berens DVM ABVP (Avian)- Dr. Berens has been practicing veterinary medicine since she graduated from the Texas A&M University in 1981. She became interested in avian and exotic pets after some time working with a well know Avian specialist. As her love grew, she knew that it was only a matter of time before she was able to complete her studies and become certified in Avian Practice. In 2000 Dr. Berens and her husband Dr. Ehrenberg bought the West Valley Pet Clinic and have been able to maintain the local small town vet in the big city setting. When she is not at work she loves spending time with her family, her dog Duke, baking and Dixieland jazz. Recently she has developed an interest in Ham radios and is a licensed operator.

  • Richard King
    Practice Manager

    Richard has worked in the veterinary field for 27 years years. He has worked for both small animal (day practices) and for large referral centers (surgical and emergency practice). He does not have any pets of his own so that he can be able to be there for yours. Richard has a 22 year old daughter and loves spending time with her when she want to. I like to play pool and is getting into photography. He does not have any pets at home so that means he can pay special care to yours when they come in.

  • Naomi Nguyen
    Receptionist/ Assistant

    Naomi has worked in the veterinary field for 2 years and is studying to be a veterinary technician at Pierce College. She has a love of animals that started at an early age and still loves meeting all the different pets that walk through the doors at West Valley Pet Clinic on a daily basis. When not at work Naomi along with her boyfriend have a fur family of 2 dogs, (Tom and Barry) and 2 cats named Khan and Winry. She enjoys good music and food when not working at the hospital. 

  • Jessica Franklin
    Receptionist/ assistant

    Jessica has worked for the WVPC for about a year now and before that in the field for about 1.5 years. She enjoys working with the wide array of animals seen at the WVPC and learning new things. She really enjoys working with and learning more about our feathered friends. Jessica is very close to her Grandparents, her 2 brothers and 2 nephews. Jessica lives with her Marine boyfriend and a cat she rescued from another clinic, 2 senior cats and a chihuahua. When not at work she is an avid baker, enjoys swimming and feeling the wind in her hair on the back of a Harley. 

  • Theresa Terry

    Theresa is a native Californian and has lived in the San Fernando Valley most of her life. She has been in the veterinary industry for 13 years and a veterinary receptionist for 7 years. Theresa has been married to her husband Mike for 28 years. She has 3 adult children, 1 grand child, 3 dogs and helps a colony of simi -feral cats. When she is not at work she enjoys camping, fishing, hiking and listening to country and big band music.

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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "I am very happy that I took my bunnie Astro there . The veterinarian is really nice and sweet and the personal are kind and attentive to their patients .
    Thanks to you my Astro is doing excellent !! Yay 😊"
    Alondra L. / FB
  • "Amazing, compassionate staff who were fully accommodating to our cat's needs up until his unfortunate passing. They helped us greive the following day by having a wonderful conversation. Thank you for making Rengar comfortable during his last few days. ❤"
    Kate A. / FB
  • "I have been taking my pets to this clinic for years. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring. Also, I feel very comfortable leaving my pets at this clinic while I am at work, my pets are always happy to go over there."
    Ben J
  • "Dr. Berens and staff are amazing! I took in my blue & gold Macaw (Charlie) because he had been limping for a few days and wasn't getting better. I called on a Sunday and I was surprised that they were able to see me that same day! It just shows you the compassion they have for the animals they treat."
  • "I just moved to California about 5 months ago and needed a new vet for my puppy. At first all I needed was a vet to get my pup neutered and hope to not pay an arm and a leg for the procedure. Not only did I find a reasonably priced option at West Valley Pet Clinic but the staff was so attentative and kind to me and my pup. Their service was so good that I decided to go back to them as my primary and only vet here in my new home in Cali."
    Catalina R.
  • "I never saw my dog so relaxed, usually my dog don't let any vet even touch him, but this time was the first time that my dog trusted the vet and let him do the examination! Very professional!!"
    Barak T